a late autumn walk to Loch Treig

A first blog post on this, my new website. A dull day, perhaps, but the late autumn light is vivid indeed, as Ruth and I drove out by Roy Bridge to Fersit

Fersit: trees in the style of John Constable

the larches have lost most of their needles by now, but those that remain stand out sharply against the invariant green of the other plantation conifers

larches in autumn colours

the odd silver birch still clings on to its leaves

silver birch in autumn colours


trees at Fersit Lodge

Fersit Lodge, above, and below is a fairy dell of moss-encrusted trees. Not everything green in winter is coniferous…

moss-covered trees in autumn

we turned back at the end of Loch Treig. There was a clear indication of rain moving up from the south

dam at end of Loch Treig